VMP 15th Anniversary
It's the 15th anniversary of Vighnesh Maharaj Productions (VMP).
Check back soon for our featured timline of our highlighted projects from the past 15 years!
The V Saga & Movies.
In The V movies ancient wisdom and modern science are brought together. Explore the answers to universal questions and life’s challenges in these adventurous heroic movies! Explore The V saga and movies: www.thevmovie.com
Film service op maat (Dutch).
VMP productions maakt uitzonderlijke films die mensen graag willen zien. Onze films geven uw bedrijf een gezicht dat opvalt zodat mensen dit gaan herkennen. Bekijk onze website: www.filmserviceopmaat.com
VMPSkywatcher Aerial hexacopter (drone)
VMPSkywatcher is our self designed and built hexacopter (drone) used for filming aerial scenes. By clicking the image above you can view some of the scenes we have shot with our VMPSkywatcher.