Premiere Tuschinski Amsterdam – Film The V Return of the Galaxy – 05 NOV 2017

Beste vrienden en kennissen,

Het is zo ver!
05 november 2017  gaat onze mooie film in première!
De locatie is natuurlijk het prestigieuze Tuschinksi theater te Amsterdam!

Ervaar The V saga als nooit tevoren, kom naar de onvergetelijke premieredag, wandel over de rode loper en ontmoet de sterren van de film in de magische sprookjessfeer van het theater Tuschinski, Amsterdam!

Iedereen is van harte welkom, nodig al je vrienden uit!
Ik kijk ernaar uit om jullie weer te ontmoeten!

Hartelijke groet van Vighnesh Peters

Reserveer op tijd vol=vol.

Wanneer? zondag 05 november 2017
Hoe laat? Aanvang 13.00 uur, einde 18.00 uur
Wat kost het? 10 euro pp (10 kaarten = filmpakket cadeau)
Waar? Reguliersbreestraat 26, 1017 CN Amsterdam
Dresscode: chique (niet verplicht)

Je kunt je kaarten direct hieronder reserveren
1. Kies aantal kaarten hieronder.
3. Klik op ‘bestel nu’.

Bestel je 10 kaarten of meer?
Dan krijg je op de premièredag onze filmpakket cadeau met o.a.
de volledige soundtrack van de film (gesigneerd).

Hulp bij het reserveren? Neem contact met ons op.

About the film.
Welcome to the world of The V saga,  a place where Indian mythology
and Western science fiction intertwine into a fantastic epic adventure.
A saga that has transformed into movies which have moved thousands of audiences worldwide, resulting in well recieved film shows and events, every single time.
The V saga and films are written and created by Vighnesh M. Peters
The V Return of the Galaxy Saga Poster. Featuring The V, Abrida, Princess Celestia. Professor Engfield Professor Adam Schulman. Agent X, Agent Zero, Seven and Alexis.

The V Return of the Galaxy Saga Poster. Featuring: The V, Abrida, Celestia. Professor Engfield Professor Adam Schulman. Agent X, Agent Zero, Seven, Alexis and Surpana the Watcher.

(2017) The V: Return of the Galaxy.
Soon to be released, get the latest behind the scenes updates on

Short summary

Professor Engfield discovers a hidden, fairylike land that can grant him anything he wishes for. Only the chosen one, ‘The V’, can stop Engfield and his secret agents from misusing this ultimate power.

In ancient times, humans were able to travel beyond our world to the hidden land of the Supreme Galaxy. This Supreme Galaxy is a communication device where all our thoughts go and through which our wishes are materialized.
Due to the greed and violence of humankind, the earthly gateway to the Supreme Galaxy has been sealed.
Realizing the unlimited possibilities of the Supreme Galaxy,  Professor Engfield, head of Proxcen space labs, discovers the lost Galaxy key and decides to go there. The gatekeepers of the Supreme Galaxy are alerted. The V, protector of our Universe, and Angel Abrida are called upon to stop the encounter of the two worlds. During their stay in the Supreme Galaxy, the V and his companion princess Celestia are forcefully separated by the gatekeepers. Professor Engfield battles his way towards his target with no remorse. This becomes a journey which leads him to a shocking realization about himself.


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