The V Movies

Welcome to the world of The V saga,  a place where Indian mythology
and Western science fiction intertwine into a fantastic epic adventure.
A saga that has transformed into movies which have moved thousands of audiences worldwide, resulting in well recieved film shows and events, every single time.
The V saga and films are written and created by Vighnesh M. Peters


The V Return of the Galaxy Saga Poster. Featuring The V, Abrida, Princess Celestia. Professor Engfield Professor Adam Schulman. Agent X, Agent Zero, Seven and Alexis.

The V Return of the Galaxy Saga Poster. Featuring: The V, Abrida, Princess Celestia. Professor Engfield Professor Adam Schulman. Agent X, Agent Zero, Seven, Alexis and Surpana the Watcher.

(2017) The V: Return of the Galaxy.
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Short summary

Professor Engfield discovers a hidden, fairylike land that can grant him anything he wishes for. Only the chosen one, ‘The V’, can stop Engfield and his secret agents from misusing this ultimate power.

In ancient times, humans were able to travel beyond our world to the hidden land of the Supreme Galaxy. This Supreme Galaxy is a communication device where all our thoughts go and through which our wishes are materialized.
Due to the greed and violence of humankind, the earthly gateway to the Supreme Galaxy has been sealed.
Realizing the unlimited possibilities of the Supreme Galaxy,  Professor Engfield, head of Proxcen space labs, discovers the lost Galaxy key and decides to go there. The gatekeepers of the Supreme Galaxy are alerted. The V, protector of our Universe, and Angel Abrida are called upon to stop the encounter of the two worlds. During their stay in the Supreme Galaxy, the V and his companion princess Celestia are forcefully separated by the gatekeepers. Professor Engfield battles his way towards his target with no remorse. This becomes a journey which leads him to a shocking realization about himself.



The V: Sacrifice of the Constellations saga poster. Featuring The V, Arbhaddon (right) and Abrida (left).

The V: Sacrifice of the Constellations Saga Poster. Featuring The V, Arbhaddon (right) and Abrida (left).

(2010) The V: Sacrifice of the Constellations.


In a world ruled by science, ‘Arbhaddon’ an incredible force of nature is unleashed. This is the ‘Guardians of the Cosmic Laws’ answer to humankind’s unnatural experiments. The V is suddenly taken from Earth into another dimension.  He has to save the earth from the hands of Arbhaddon.  He is instructed to compile a map in which Arbhaddon’s path of war can be revealed. Together with his companion, Angel Abrida, the V travels to 27 star constellations and meets wonderful
characters who all help him to find a piece of the map.
He learns to overcome his fears and discover his deeper forces. The V goes into battle, as a brave man. As child of Supreme Parents he again proves that he is the key
to the balance between good and evil in the Universe.






(2002) The V: The Beginning.


The V is a being that was created by the Supreme Powers to protect the Universe. He grows up as a human being on Planet Earth.  At the age of nineteen the Angel Ira reveals his true identity.  The V undertakes his first mission with the Angel Ira to guide  the Earth beings into a righteous evolution. On his mission the V realizes that all beings have good and evil in them, including the V himself.
And so the V slogan was born:
“The battle is endless, between good and evil .
The choice is ours which side we choose.
The V will return.”